Video & Motion Graphics

Conceptualizing • Storyboarding • Scripting • Shooting • Editing

A sampling of my work in video production, from concept to execution.

Under One Roof

Sunset Community Health Center wanted to, in one spot, show how many services they offered across all of their locations.

I wrote the spot in English and paired it down with my Spanish-speaking co-workers. Shot on greenscreen and edited in post, we pre-planned for some transitions and gave a bit of immersion to the graphics by making the on-camera person's hair move where we knew graphics would move as well.

Advantage Checking & Phone Protection

I conceptualized and storyboarded an ad campaign for the credit union's upcoming insurance plan that was to be included with member's accounts. I shot and edited this piece before the insurance plan was scrapped and they didn't have a need for the campaign any longer.

AEA Federal Credit Union

International Credit Union Day

This video was created for a quick social media most using predominantly stock video.

The client wanted to try to better explain the difference between a credit union and the traditional bank and account holder relationship.

Giving Campaign-Fallen Officer Memorial

We shot a series of these videos annually to highlight the company's efforts to give back to the community. This features an upcoming memorial for officers who were killed in the line of duty.

Ready Now Yuma

Career & Technical Education

The Ready Now Yuma program was supported over several years by a large foundation. The funding was mapped to decrease with each passing year, as it's goals were planned to be achieved.

This was the first year that the program was unsupported financially and we were tasked with mimicking the look of the larger film team that had previously provided video and graphics work for the program.

Student CTE

We were able to meet and interview several people, students and teachers, who participated in the program and document their stories. With the videos that would make air being short, we opted for program awareness.

The longer interviews were sent to client to be used for any other purposes outside commercial airtime, as well.

Motion Graphics & Animation

ADHD Intervention Services Animation

Sunset Community Health Centers rolled out a new program for helping to diagnose and manage ADHD. As a person with ADHD, I helped them to put together a long-term ad campaign around three children characters who would highlight different aspects of living with ADHD.

Geek Elite Media

This graphics package was put together for a video game news show for the nerdy news network Geek Elite Media.

Character Dossiers

I was given a set of phone recorded videos by the client to roll before their Twitch tabletop roleplaying game series.

With the challenge of poor quality audio, video and finding a way to make these seem interesting in-universe for the game world, I opted for the look of videos on a worn computer console. An in-depth breakdown to be seen here:

Puppet Animation for Raster Graphics

This illustration of Blessing from the video games news channel Kinda Funny Games was made by Josh Strickland.

I was provided the .psd by him. Though this helped for isolating highlights, the illustration was still made as a stagnant image and needed to be cut into a few pieces (arms, torso, head, etc) to move in any decent way, despite the low movement result I was going for.

Swordtember Logo Motion Graphic

Swordtember drawing challenge logo with motion and sound design I applied to the static raster graphic. Similar to the above puppet animation video, the provided image was rasterized.

We Run the Night

Streaming intro and overlay elements. I developed the logo and overall aesthetic with the client. The cracks in the "screen" of the transition animation were hand-drawn.

AEA Giving Campaign

Achieve Human Resources

We shot a series of these videos annually to highlight the company's efforts to give back to the community.

Amberly's Place

We shot a series of these videos annually to highlight the company's efforts to give back to the community.

News camera work

I was one of a few people at our station who was available to, on very short notice, be approved by the White House security team and operate a camera for a visit to an El Centro military base.

We used a camera and live feed system I was unfamiliar with and had to fight for position when an opportunity presented itself for a more candid shot.

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