Illustration & Graphic Design

I've been lucky enough to get to work to help realize clients' vision of graphics for merchandise, video and more.

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Cyberpunk, as an aesthetic, is something I've always enjoyed very much.

It's a retro idea of the future. In a high tech world, you still have cables connecting everything and devices that only do one thing. It's an intriguing concept and I drew a few characters from that future.

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TenSpd-Captain Punchfight


Mod20Gaming-Group tee

Graphic Design

Kinda Funny-Power Rangers logo recreation for t-shirt pitch (unused)

Hnchr.-Logo development for comedy YouTube series

Runner Runner-Comic series Logo

GlassDeezy-Channel logo

IanFlux-Badge style logo

IanFlux-Full logo

Geek Elite Media -Fantasy football series logo

Wizard & Webcams - TTRPG Twitch stream logo

Badge logo transition

Full logo transition


MobielRafie-YouTube collectibles review channel GFX

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We Run the Night RPG series logo video

YouTube Thumbnail Design


Mod20Gaming-Catchphrase tee


I designed the packaging for the release of the first EP from the band Senteons.


Working with this Twitch channel, I drew a series of illustrations and two shirts for them, This is one for an NPC's shop in their D&D world.

Traditional ink with digital colors

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As part of Inktober 2019, I decided to do a couple more involved pieces with backgrounds. The Tetsuo image from Akira remains my favorite of them.

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Glass Dimensions- Vinyl figure style papercraft

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Inktober- 2019

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